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For personal (and financial) reasons, I'm not going to be selling on Etsy for the time being. I have re-routed my link to my Artfire store, and I am uploading full-res versions of everything here, so as to enable prints. When originals are available, I will list the price in the description. You can purchase originals by contacting me on DeviantArt, Artfire or emailing me at I appreciate every comment, critique, favorite and sale! You guys are helping me to support my family and achieve my dream of getting my artwork out there for people to see and appreciate!

Thank you!

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I've been working on a 2011 calendar, featuring my favorite artwork from the last year, and with a little technical Photoshop layout help from my beloved, I've finally gotten it finished! I test printed today and it is just perfect! This beautiful twelve month calendar features a different original piece of artwork on each month. The calendar, which includes a front and back cover, is tied together with a coordinating ribbon and looks so nice hanging by the desk.

You can see pictures and buy your own calendar at my Etsy store:…
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I set up a business blog for Graphite Web:

I have posted several great Etsy treasuries that I am lucky enough to be included in, as well as a few of my pieces of art and the stories behind them. I will be highlighting other Etsy designers whose work I respect and love. Come take a look and follow me in your Google/RSS feed for the latest updates! :)

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I've got Halloween and fall weather on the brain! I've finished several Halloween themed ACEO art cards, an 8x8 Jack Scarecrow drawing that I call "Moondance" and a witchy Harry Potter bookmark, all for sale in my Etsy store here:

If you're looking for a custom piece of artwork, I can do that too! I've got slots for sale in my Etsy store, or you can message me on here or on Etsy and we'll talk about the details. I'd be honored to create a custom drawing for you!

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I set up an Etsy account for my artwork this week, along with a twitter and a facebook page. After 20 years of dreaming, I've decided that it's now or never and I'm going to make a concerted effort to get my artwork "out there" to the world. I welcome feedback, comments and critiques on my artwork, as ever. Go take a look and let me know what you think!

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I've managed to get my premium membership back but with my new work schedule, I have barely any time for creating and drawing these days. I try to keep myself busy sketching on my breaks but it's hard to get focused in such a short time.

My lovely fiancee has a folder full of old work that she's scanning for me and those will be uploaded as she has the time. We have the internet at home (finally!) so I'll be around more now!
I'm about to lose my premium membership for a short time... I just started a new job and will definitely be renewing here, but I have to earn a paycheck and catch up on the necessities before that can happen. I'll be back soon though!

I added a few more drawings over the past couple of days. I've done a lot of the name drawings lately. I did them for my stepdaughters, who took them to school and came home with "orders" from all of their friends. Apparently I'm all the rage at the elementary school these days. ;) I only wish I'd scanned the 4-5 name drawings that I did for their friends before they squirreled them away. The drawings are on 4x6" cardstock and they are a fun exercise and a chance to get my creativity flowing. In addition to the two I have in the gallery, I've done a name as an ice cream sundae, a name with peace signs and big flowers, one soccer themed... the other two are escaping me at the moment.

Currently working on a large scale variation on "Daisy Fairy", which is coming along beautifully, a mother/daughter and father/son set, and a few more name cards... a Mario theme, a music theme for a young clarinet player and a fairy princess theme. I may need to start charging for these things. :)
I've developed a slight fascination with artist trading cards in the past few days. It's the perfect opportunity to try new techniques and ideas... if I screw something up, it's not that big of a deal to just toss the card and grab a new one.

My lovely fiancee Heather uploaded some of my newest drawings tonight, and we've still got stacks to sort through and upload. I'm interested to see which of my pieces get the most interest. Are "the people" going to prefer my fairies or my dragons... my landscapes or my portraits? What about that huge stack of comic sci-fi... how will it be received? I can't wait to find out!

And incidentally, if anyone is interested in trading ATCs, please do let me know! :)
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Last night I was up all night working on Artist Trading Cards, new pieces on clay board, and sketching out new ideas. I realized then that this is an addiction, and not just a skill or hobby or career path. I will keep drawing and working with expanding my talents, whether I have a valid showing of my works or not. Art is that way, it's involuntary, like a breathing reflex or blood coursing through my veins. I can't stop, and even if I could... it would kill me.
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My Fiance's girl Addah has a running gag. For no reason at all she will blurt out, "Chicken iz Beau-ti-ful! Mwa! Mwa! Mwa!" --- Not real sure what prompted her to say that. Just the pure joy of life playing upon her young little sense of humor, I guess. I realize that my drawing is a lot like that. Joy of life playing off of my imagination (remember that word?).
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I'm organizing the hundreds of completed and in-progress works in my portfolio and will have many more uploaded in the coming days and weeks!
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